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See what other people are saying about our Bloom 24 apartments! At Bloom 24 Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Lovely apartments


We've been here for over 2 years and they've always been really good in taking care of maintenance requests. They always make sure to check in and to follow up on things that come up on a pretty old complex as this. We understand that things can go wrong anywhere. No matter how crazy things can get, and we've run into some wild emergency repairs in the dead of night, they're always patient and are willing to work with their tenants, you just have to also work with them. Again, it's only ramped up more because of the ongoing pandemic.


Fantastic apartments. Management Team was great and easy to communicate with. The process was quick, fast and efficient. There was no issues or inconveniences along the way. The whole move in was flawless, thanks to the lady in the front (Dulce). The place was clean, fixed up and ready for move in prior to the date. I rarely write reviews but, BLOOM 24 deserves it. Thank you!! And for anyone who reads this, add me on instagram: des.will_21


Love the color of the complex and the manager is very sweet


Bloom 24's new maintenance and management team is great. I had a maintenance issue regarding my sink as well as other minor inconveniences and Oscar and Eric showed up in a timely manner to fix my problems. I could not ask for a better team.


I've been living here for a year and I just renewed my second 1 yr lease . The reason why is because the staff , management and Diana are so professional and passionate When it comes to providing the best service to their tenants. I have never had a problem and if I have an issue it is resolved within hours . The apartments are very fancy , the pool is always clean and so is the gym . I love this place and how quiet and peaceful it is.


I couldn't have had a better experience living here. My only downfall was that the property didn't have in unit w/d BUT the laundry rooms are kept clean, no one steals your laundry baskets, all the tenants you meet are just so friendly and it just really feels like "home" so it really wasn't bad at all. I actually really enjoyed the change so by the end of my lease the laundry facilities weren't an issue after all. I loved working with Diana and Brooke! Any problems or conflicts I had I could call or swing by the office and they were punctual on handling any situation thrown at them. I never had pest control problems and the team always notified me ASAP if there was ever a end to briefly turn off the water for any required maintenance they needed to do on property. The pet pick up stations are always stocked with bags so I never needed to worry about stepping on poop when walking my dogs because the property grass was maintained and manicured. Either everyone picks up or they have a fantastic grounds keeper but whatever the case I just loved that this was such a clean property. The gates always worked too! I've lived at places where the gates were always just left open so it defeated the purpose of it being considered a gated community. I never experienced any loud commotion or disturbances with my neighbors either nor the other tenants on property. I really enjoyed my time here. The communication here at Bloom24 is great and the quality they give you is even better. I just moved to a house but if I didn't need the space I would have loved to stay longer. Any questions or concerns you have as a future tenant just message me on snapchat at SplitLifestyles and I'll answer anything you're concerned about that I didn't mention.


I'm coming up on my first year here at Bloom 24 apartments and I have to say that it is definitely the best apartment complex I've lived in. I would definitely recommend to people looking for apartments in the Arcadia/Phoenix area. In terms of infrastructure, the apartments are very spacious and have a nice "modern" aesthetic to them. The exterior walls are all concrete, which does a decent job at insulating the noise from the neighboring apartments. Every apartment has a massive window spanning most of their front wall, which while less than pleasing for the AC Unit, provides a beautiful view of the complex's "courtyard." The grounds are kept meticulously clean. The apartment maintenance staff, in spite of their friendly demeanor, clearly do not mess around. It's practically the norm to have maintenance tickets fulfilled within 48 hours of putting them in. As a quick aside, the complex has a pretty nice gym as well, containing both free weights and cardio machines. Their laundry facilities are kept clean and the machines are kept in good operating condition. The community itself is very laid back and respectable. There are a lot of young families here and the community is definitely kept kid friendly because of it. I haven't seen a police car out here in months, which is saying something because Bloom 24 is only a dozen or so miles from my old apartment, where the police were summoned to the facility on a weekly basis. One of the strongest suits of Bloom 24 and the reason I'll be signing on for another year is their management. The office manager, Diana, lends a very friendly and professional face to the business. She is quick to handle any work orders and goes through great lengths to keep the community informed about various changes in the apartment complex. I'm used to being nickled and dimed with shady fees and practices from prior apartment staff, but in my year here I've never felt cheated. I was personally handed a copy of my lease agreement and it has remained unchanged the entire time. The one or two times I found myself in a gray area, Diana personally reached out to me and politely made sure I understood what I needed to do become more congruent with the apartment's policies. That is way, way better than the baseline management practices common to Phoenix apartments. I would implore first time apartment renters to not underestimate the importance of good management. All in all, I would wholeheartedly recommend Bloom 24.

The apartments looked nice especially the two bedroom. Dianna in the office was awesome and helped us get in really fast. I have not had any issues since being here a week. The maintenance man came right in to fix anything we needed within days of moving in. The pool is heated, clean, and and open often. Due to covid we haven't been able to use the workout facilities yet but that's not their problem. The apartment is just big enough and the loft makes it seem bigger than it is. The loft area is huge and so is the downstairs bedroom. The kitchen is small but I love it. The only downfall we have seen so far is the blinds aren't too good.


I've been here for 4months and so far management is great.. Diana and staff are very professional yet friendly /welcoming...maintenance is prompt it's a very wonderful place to live.. The Neighbors are laid back and mind their own business...Love it

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